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About the Groomer

My love for dogs started early. By my first birthday I was telling the dogs what to do. I started my grooming and training in dog 4-H at age 9. Fresh out of high school and aged out of 4-H, I worked as a Kennel / Dog assistant at Veterinary Clinics. I decided that I wanted more. In 1998 I found a Cocker Spaniel breeder that taught me how to professionally groom.

My first All Breed grooming job was in the year 2000 in Auburn, WA, when I was able to perfect my grooming skills on breeds such as Terriers & different types of clips on Shih Tzu. When that business closed, I started work at another All Breed shop in Bonney Lake, WA. I was able to work on an even wider variety of breeds, perfecting my skills and techniques.

Taking some time off to have my first child, I secured a part time job at a new boarding kennel in Puyallup, WA. I now live in the Lake Tapps area and have the opportunity and ability to start my own grooming business. My daughter, Elizabeth, now comes to work with me, when not in school, and enjoys helping me with clean up or getting me tools. Now that she is 9yrs she is starting to learn some parts of the grooming on select dogs & is loving it.

After working in a busy salon where they brought in 10 to 20 pets per groomer & the poor pups brought in first thing in the morning weren't going home till closing time made me so frustrated, no water for them or no potty breaks. I decided I didn't want that fast pace stuff & didn't want stressed out dogs to work on. I chose the more relaxed pace of mobile grooming. I did mobile grooming for 5yrs & loved it. In October of 2013 we had our 2nd baby. I have decided to stay at home so I am close to my baby but still work out of my van. I choose to still groom 4 dogs a day, less stress on the groomer which means I am more relaxed to groom your pup & not be worried about getting the next pup done. Each pup is done one on one start to finish usually in 1-2hrs (Small to Medium dogs). I was & still am thanking the Lord for giving me this wonderful job. I set my pup size limit, 40lbs & under, so my back isn't killing me at the end of the day & I set my day so I can still do the job I love yet be able to be there for my first daughter getting her on the bus & off. If the more relaxed grooming style sounds like something your pup might need, send me an email. 

  1 day old











The Coleman's
Ken, Liz & Shannon




 Julie pictured at 7 months



Julie Sporting her bell bottom look, worked better for me. 

Less sticks dragged into the house & matted into her coat.





Julie had an awesome easy care coat, I could brush once a week with no mats when in full coat. When shorter I was able to go even longer between brushes without mats. It was nice in my busy schedule. Sad she didn't work out in our busy family.